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Chia sẻ rau dâm dễ ăn cho ae diễn đàn nè


Tập Chơi
Tinh Binh
hello ae mình là mem mới của diễn đàn này nhưng mà đã có kinh nghiệm chăn rau 5-7 năm rồi :D nay nhân dịp ra mắt ae diễn đàn có ít rau dâm dễ ăn muốn share cho ae
Ae nào cần thì kb zalo mình (không 5 6 bảy 5 2 hai, sáu 4 sáu ):D ghi rõ trên diễn đàn xuống nha :D nhớ gửi kết bạn nhé :D


Tập Chơi
Tinh Binh
Hello, cryptonauts!

Today, I want to share an insider perspective with you. We have all journeyed through the worlds of Bitcoin, Ethereum, cute dogs and frogs pictures, trading, AMM, NFTs... But it's been a while since we encountered new acronyms that will "definitely conquer the world”.

Let me show you a fresh topic - the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA), in other words the conversion of real-world assets into crypto. For instance, think about tokenizing gold, precious metals, and real-estate assets. You might ask, what are the benefits? Tokenization gives opportunities to buy and transfer real world assets, as well as trade them on the crypto exchanges which we all are so used to. And then casually send those tokens through regular MetaMask.

I have taken a look at what people are searching for on Google regarding this topic. Yes, the number of queries is currently low, but that only signals the beginning of this trend... which means, it's time to catch the wave.


Currently there are approximately 80 platforms in the world that are experimenting in the field of RWA tokenization. Mostly, these are not yet crypto technologies but rather pilot projects aimed at understanding the legal aspects of RWA tokenization. Nevertheless, there are quite promising projects with highly experienced teams showing track records of their development which certainly looks trustworthy. I've explored the Autentic.Capital project, looked through their social media, and prepared a brief insider info for you.

They are conducting a token sale of their AUT token, which offers many perks such as voting rights, discounts for launching/purchasing RWA projects.
They have launched the testnet of the platform, and judging by the internal details, their plans are highly ambitious.
They've initiated a referral program with USDT payouts of up to 20%!

The AUT token is a utility token. They have issued 150 million tokens, and the second presale round is currently ongoing with a price of just 8 cents. The first listing is scheduled for May on p2b2b. You see what needs to be done, right?


How to earn?

Referral program: Currently single-tier, but rumors suggest they will soon release a two-tier system.

Staking: They promise to unlock staking by the end of the month.

Bug hunting program: They recently distributed $12,000 to bug hunters and are preparing a second program. I even reached out to the winners, and they confirmed that the rewards were indeed transferred.


Listing: Scheduled on May

Airdrops: They haven't done any yet, which implies there will be for sure some in the future.

Community: they are giving some bonuses and benefits regularly (for example, recently they had Zealy campaign, looks like it was a test and they were preparing for something bigger).

In a nutshell, I believe that tokenization of real assets is the next trend after Bitcoin. Liquidity, globality, transparency and security indicate the high potential of this area. Investing in a new promising AUT utility token today is an opportunity to get big profits in the future.

Follow the link, sign up and start earning money with Autentic.


Great weekend to everyone!


Tập Chơi
Tinh Binh
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